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But this whole ‘entrepreneur’ thing ain’t for the faint of heart. It takes guts, grit, and work work work work work work to make it happen.

So why in the hell go it alone?!

Instead of scraping together entrepreneur groups where you can both PUSH yourself and BE yourself, hang in the company of dynamic business owners who will stir, lift, and liberate you.

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Rules for Doing Business (+ Life) Shamelessly

Here at Shamelessly, we’re not a big fan of rules.
And sure — there are some we have to follow otherwise, one of us would
end up pantless at a family BBQ…and then arrested.

But most people’s daily business decrees leave us feeling flat, stifled and disenchanted.

So we decided to create OUR own. Because these aren’t just our rules.

These are YOUR rules.

Your new ones anyway. And let’s all agree that they aren’t the kind that any of us wanna break.

  • 1. Stop waiting.

    On a quick fix, a lifeboat, or a hero to save your day. Be the hero. Otherwise, you’ll end up stuck in a lonely tower, absurdly overdressed. And you know you’re tough enough to slay your own dragons.
  • 2. Decide.

    Not just what you want your life to look or feel like, but who YOU NEED TO BE in order to create it. Then wake THAT YOU up every morning.
  • 3. Do it differently.

    Your life will never BE different if you don’t DO something different, so put on your big girl panties and take risks. You’ve got our entire (shameless) nation rooting for you.
  • 4. Trash your excuses.

    They’re ancient and self-defeating and look terrible on you. We’re sorry, we had to say it. Somebody had to say it. And most importantly, they don’t fly here.
  • 5. Stop playing victim.

    But I am th… No, no you’re not. You’re never really the victim. Even if a bunch of bogus stuff happened to you that you had absolutely zilch control over, you can still control your thoughts. And actions. And how you choose to live the rest of your brilliant life — bound by someone else’s decisions or freed by yours?
  • 6. Love your damn heart out.

    Ultimately, we all want 2 things: 1. To know that we’re enough and 2. to be loved. So LOVE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE in your world. What goes around, always comes around.
  • 7. Quit saying you’re lucky.

    Who you are isn’t comparable to a lotto drawing. You are a smart and talented and confident and kind. And because of all that, you’ve earned your place in the world.
  • 8. Unturn stones.

    Explore the world, your body, new concepts and possibilities with an open and ‘beginner’s mind’. Because if you ‘know everything’ (you’re annoying) and you have no space left to grow.
  • 9. Do it now.

    Nothing amazing ever happened by thinking about it. Action makes change, while words make…well, words.
  • 10. Fuel yourself, dammit.

    Positive books, food, people. A few daily minutes of mindfulness, perhaps? Those are the things that give you the energy to show up big time in the world.
  • 11. Unleash your voice.

    You deserve to be heard. End of story.
  • 12. Love yourself more.

    Pay yourself a glowing compliment. Stand up for your beliefs. Smile in the mirror. Switch off your cell and get some sleep. The root to radical self-love starts with a lot of intuition + bubble baths.
  • 13. Play nice.

    Peddle compliments and kindness. Not only will you catch more flies with honey, you’ll catch more friends, hugs, and lucky breaks.
  • 14. Live your adventure.

    Life is too fleeting and fabulous to be spent in mediocrity. But it’s not how much you can do, it’s how much you can fully, wholly, presently experience. Because if you’re available for every moment, every moment feels like magic.
  • 15. Make a choice.

    Decide which high-vibe path you want to trek and start hoofin’ it. The road may seem long and riddled with uncertainty, so start with one step. Because standing still won’t lead you anywhere other than where you are.
  • 16. Give it all away.

    Advice, compliments, empathy. Throw ’em around and they’ll boomerang right back.
  • 17. Break rules (except these).

    And follow your own. You’re smart enough to know that just because a mediocre idea, habit, or way of life, is widely accepted, doesn’t mean it’s right or that it feels good — especially for you.
  • 18. Never stop.

    Because you’re gonna want to stop. Quit + throw in the towel. You’re gonna feel overwhelmed and ill-prepared and insecure and frustrated. But don’t stop creating or exploring or expanding. Your dreams and joy depend on YOU.

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Allie LeFevere | Founder of Obedient