So I know you’ve been waiting in suspense for this post, after the last one ‘It’s Time to Say Goodbye (wait, please don’t cry).

IS IT UP YET?! : refresh, refresh: NOW?! : refresh, refresh : HURRY THE HELL UP, ALLIE, I CAN’T TAKE THE WAITING, YOU MONSTER!

Well, chill the F out, IT’S HERE. 😉

Nonsense aside, I just wanted to let you know why things have changed around, what they’ve changed to, and why you should stick around (or shouldn’t).

The part of me you’ve come to know is all about self-love AND self-worth AND giving a damn about your life instead of wallowing in it.

The part of me you don’t is this:

I spend the last decade creating, launching, and scaling global programs — first, in the wild and wonderful world of consulting, then as the VP of Engagement at a Chicago-based start-up where I led brand development, customer acquisition strategy and essentially was the inevitable wizard behind the voice and vibe of the business—from brand copy to our social media persona to our customer’s experience through every inch of our biz.

And while you saw me on the front-lines with spittin’ self-love, I was low-key using the other, nerdier half of my brain doing cool shit like this:

Before you read, please note that talking about my accomplishments (especially unprompted) is honestly really hard for me. That’s not bullshit, that’s true. I was raised by a fam that believes in hard work and humility and finds people who ‘brag’ extremely irritating. Ok, continue…

  • Partnering with big whig companies like Dell, Always, AT&T, and Trunk Club to develop innovative programing—i.e. creating and integrating stand-out marketing strategies, building ride-or-die community, developing a brand that people give a damn about and actually pay attention to, telling a story that grabs your audience’s attention.
  • I engaged in ideation sessions with growth-minded brands like KIND and Red Bull.
  • I hosted/participated in panels globally about slick branding and social media engagement and customer acquisition and how to integrate cutting-edge tech into your biz and how to build a brand through humor and honesty.
  • I taught workshops (in-person and digitally) about things like: leveraging tech to standout in your market AND building a brand with some damn personality.
  • Talked business strategy with some whip-smart clients with big sexy brands.
  • Built my site and my 23K mailing list and a billion customer funnels (translation: a customer’s journey through a business)
  • Launched a crazy-ass podcast that just ranked Top 40 comedy pods on iTunes.
    Got some media attention from outlets like Huffington Post, NBC, PureWow, Bustle, MTV, and New York Mag.

And I didn’t talk a ton about it, because well, my mission4life was supposed to be teaching Women self-worth. And all of this felt irrelevant compared to that.

But this isn’t just part of me, this IS me.

I’m a nerd, guys.

I’m a tech-strategy-analytic-ideation-loving nerd. And that part of me finally wants to join forces with the sarcastic, silly, creative part that has always bled through anything I’ve built.

Because fun+strategy is where I get my rocks off.

So as I close the loop on the self-love addition, I’ve opened the floodgates on 2 things:

1. the let’s get your brand’s shit together edition, so you can build a business that you actually like, and people actually love, and the world actually pays attention to. Think: witty web copy, hilarious + attention-grabbing FB Ads, brand strategy jam sessions, customer engagement without being a salesy asshole.

2. Obedient: the agency I co-created with my bestie Lynds (that I’ve been tellin’ you about over the past couple weeks) built around this single principle—FUN SELLS. Now think: Brand ideation, un-boring program/product launches, and creative marketing by way of humor, fun, and the totally unexpected (yet completely memorable).

And just like was built on the premise that in order to give a f#ck about yourself, you have to stop giving so many f#cks about everyone else, the new + improved + Obedient applies that same belief to your business.

In short, we teach you to (creatively, humorously, and strategically) DO YOU.

So while I can’t promise we’ll talk about self-love, my new businesses sure as hell will continue to be motivating AF, funny as hell and super supportive—which all of us entrepreneurs could use a hell of a lot more of.

I’d obviously love for you to stick around here, continue to hang in the Shameless Nation FB group (which is rad as hell + very active), and check out my new Obedient biz.

However, if this whole entrepreneur thing isn’t your jam and my business shift has majorly cramped your style, I understand your need to leave (as I sob hysterically).

So in case you go, let me say this with the upmost sincerity:

It has been an honor to have you in my world for however long you’ve been here. And if one of my crazy rants or programs or posts has helped you in the slightest way, then, hell, that’s what matters most.

And for those of you that stick around:

I LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AND, I’m soooo happy you’re staying that I wanna freak out with excitement, BUT, instead, will keep it together because I’m an adult AND we’ve got lots of FUN-AS-HELL things coming up and work to do together.


Allie LeFevere | Founder of Obedient