I Decided To Change Everything

Friday night, I holed up in my spare bedroom and began painting my soon-to-be-finished ‘Self-Expression’ wall with dark gray chalkboard paint. Because who doesn’t need a self-expression wall AMIRIGHT?! And as I blue-taped and cut corners and rolled thick panels of smoky paste across the wall, I thought about how much I needed this wall,… Read More >


I’ve Only Shared This Story Twice

  I stood pensively at the kitchen sink; half washing burnt pans and half day-dreaming about my opening remarks at my first in-person workshop: Beauty Experiment. What would I say to these dynamic, capable, attentive women? Women about to spend a day in a room of strangers-soon-to-be-friends talking through topics that made them equally giddy and… Read More >


Quick + Dirty Thursday: Criticism Isn’t Working Out So Hot + a 1994 TLC Video to Drive the Point Home

  You want to feel self-love? [yesssssss….] Then stop criticizing yourself. Because criticism chains us to the exact pattern we’re trying to change, flip and transform. While a little compassion, understanding and TLC [RIP Left Eye] help us move through and out of it. Remember: you’ve been criticizing yourself for years and that hasn’t worked,… Read More >

Allie LeFevere | Founder of Obedient