Brand “Bulliefs” and How They’re F’ing Up Your World

Do you know what today is?! It’s ‘FIRST EMAIL SENT IN A LONG ASS TIME’ Day!

Much more deserving of a National Holiday then ‘Pillage the Already-Discovered America’ Day. More commonly referred to as Columbus Day.

But I’ll start by saying: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Shamelessly’s new offerings have been out in the world for one week and it’s insane how much engagement and support and love has been happening in my inbox and the FB group—Shameless Nation. And, I swear, I’ve barely scratched the surface of how good this is going to get.

So, again, THANK YOU for being with me + Team Shameless from day one of this launch. This really will be because of YOU and all for YOU.

Now let’s get down, dirty and dive into the topic that this week is alIll about: BRAND “BULLIEFS” AKA “bullshit beliefs around your brand”.

So what the hell ARE Brand “Bulliefs” beliefs?

They are the stressful thoughts that create the lens in which you look at your brand and business through. And this lens changes, and potentially distorts, how you see your ability to stand out in the world. And the choices you make. And how you feel every day.
I’ll never make a dent in my market.
I shouldn’t have to work so f#cking hard to differentiate my brand.
I can’t enjoy this whole entrepreneur thing until __ changes OR happens.

And the frustrating part is that many of your “bulliefs” sprung from communal stories or cultural expectations or unexpected experiences and, although totally untrue, have shaped and shifted your entire entrepreneurial experience (and, cough cough, probably your life) up until this point.

But I want a brand that’s MEMORABLE and COOL and FUN and PEOPLE GIVE A DAMN ABOUT.

Yet through the veil of “bulliefs”, we don’t create what we WANT, we create what we BELIEVE we SHOULD DO (TO PLEASE OUR MIND AND EVERYONE ELSE).

We create and deliver what we think about our business and brand subconsciously, what aligns with our ‘reality’ of how we ‘should’ do business. And that often has zero correlation with this incredible sexy brand we keep fantasizing about.

So in order to start aligning our REALITY (how our business shows up) with our VISION (what go ape shit about in our head), we have to cozy up next to the glamorous place it all begins — awareness of our Bullshit Brand Beliefs.

As the wise sage G.I. Joe once said: ‘Knowing is half the battle.’

And in order to know, you have to ask, so we’ll start with these few Qs:

What do you really believe about your ability to create + deliver a brand that people actually pay attention to and pay you for?
What do you believe about how and why your customers will notice you, buy from you, obsess over you?
Do you really believe you can take chances in your branding/messaging? push the edges? stray off the path of what EVERYONE ELSE AND THEIR F#CKING BROTHER is doing?
Do you believe that playing it safe or straight-up playing (and delighting your customer) builds business? And are you willing to take that risk?

I know. Biiiiiig questions. But when we get to the core of our brand “bulliefs”, THEN and only THEN can you start to change your biz for the even better.

Scootch on over to our FB Group (Shameless Nation) and:
Answer the Qs above OR let me know what bulliefs are wreaking havoc on your brand and that you want to change?

THERE’S A HUGE GROUP OF ENTREPRENEURS IN THERE ALREADY! And they’re the super supportive, creative, no-bullshit type of folks who are ready to hold your ass accountable for turning the corner on your brand from stagnant to stand out.

Allie LeFevere | Founder of Obedient