The Great Detox Debate: But But But Which Cleanse is Right for Meee?

With bikini season right around the corner, the word you’ll be hard-pressed to escape is cleanse. Whoa don’t panic – get educated! Cleanses don’t equal deprivation and can help jumpstart your system. From delicious super juicing to the temporary elimination of certain foods from your diet, all cleanses have the same goal in mind – detoxify your pod.

But what is a cleanse? And why do you need one?

Read on, lovelies. I’m going to tell you why and share a few of my favs.

Educate me: what is a cleanse?
While the rubric can vary, it’s generally seen as an alternative medicine approach to rid toxins from your body that exert icky effects on your health. Think sluggish digestion and nada energy.

Toxins are those unwanted house guests that use the last of your ‘good’ shampoo’, spill red wine on your new white carpet and smoke in your kitchen – they’re funkin’ up your place and have overstayed their welcome – you want them out.


Okay, but why do I need one?
Spring cleaning is just as good for our closets and homes as it is for our system. Your house is that beautiful body of yours and you probably haven’t been too kind to him/her lately – with your recent appletini benders and 3am fast-food pit stops. Ketchup and pickles count as veggies, right?

But even if you’re a produce department rockstar and a cart full of kale and mangoes is the norm, most of us have spent a long winter building up internal impurities and this is the perfect time of year to start fresh and kick your system up a notch.

Which cleanse is right for me?
I can’t answer that, because only you know your body, but I’ll highlight a few of my favs to keep you clean…and satisfied.

1. Raw Food Cleanse
While some folks live a raw food lifestyle (attempted occasionally by moi), a cleanse can last anywhere from 3 days if you’re looking for an energy boost to 28 days if weight loss is a top priority. Set yourself a goal to consume (at least) 80% fresh, raw, organic foods and stay tuned for amazing results. I recommend that you start off with a 3-day cleanse to discover how your body responds to the cleansing process.

The produce department is your oyster, so go nuts! And why you’re at it, add raw seeds, nuts, healthy oils and superfoods like spirulina and chlorella to your list.

Benefits you’ll love
• You’ll light your spark and radiate energy.
• Your skin will glow.
• You’ll shed a few pounds if you cleanse for 14-28 days.
• A longer cleanse will help reduce your risk of disease. Remember, you won’t be eating any processed foods loaded with chemicals.
• Your digestive track will love you (the enzymes produced in your mouth when raw food is eaten act as catalysts and promote more efficient digestion)
• You’ll save money. An organic apple costs less than a steak you know.

Frustrations you’ll feel
• For most individuals, it requires a significant overhaul in the way you eat.
• You might experience detox symptoms, which can range from nausea to headaches.
• On the flip side, an organic apple can cost more than a drive-through hamburger.

2. Green Juice Cleanse
Thinking hideous green sludge that you’ll need nose plugs to choke down? Think again – and remember, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Green juice is delicious and the great news is you can create your own blends. Cucumber, kale, apple doesn’t do it for you? Then get crazy and add celery…and lemon…or both! This is your adventure.

I recommend that you stay on a green juice cleanse from 3-7 days for maximum benefits. The only requirements? A kick-ass juicer and an open-mind. Remember to consume as much juice as your tummy desires.

Benefits you’ll love
• Organic green juice is unbelievably nutritious and digestible.
• Your body will return to a state of alkalinity. Typical American diets are loaded with acidic foods and your body has to work extra hard to neutralize their effects. Green juice will help stabilize your pH levels, so you can squeak back into the narrow range of pH safety (7.35 to 7.45).
• Drinking green juice fills your body with living enzymes, vitamins and oxygen – feeding your cells to the brim.
• Because juice is fiber-free, you give your digestive track a much needed rest.
• Your creative ‘juices’ will flow when you whip up fresh new recipes.

Frustrations you’ll feel
• Juicers can be pricey (ranging from $50-$250) depending on its quality. I recommend you splurge!
• A little does not go a long way in the world of juicing, so you’ll be buying lots of fruits and veggies to fill your glass.
• Those same detox symptoms may happen with juice cleansing, FYI.

3. Cleansing Systems
Cleansing systems are pre-packaged juice formulas you can purchase for a determined amount of days (usually 1 to 7) to absolutely simplify your cleansing process. The cleansing systems are delivered right to your doorstep and usually include 5 to 6 delicious organic juices per day. The tastes range from refreshing lemonades with agave nectar to nourishing green juices to creamy nut milks with hints of cinnamon – all perfectly formulated to meet your cleansing goals. Whether you’re cleaning your internal closets or painting every room in the house, they’ve got the juice blend for you.

Try BluePrint, Pressed or JuiceRX’s cleanses (I’ve tried them all and they rock, but am not paid to endorse them) And trust me when I say that this will be a package you won’t wait to open!

Benefits you’ll love
• You can customize your cleanse program to fit your detox needs.
• You don’t have to meal or juice prep – you know the day’s detox schedule.
• Delivery to your door? What’s more convenient than that?!
• You’ll reap all the body benefits listed above.

Frustrations you’ll feel
• They can be pricey – I’m talking a few hundred dollars depending on the length of cleanse and company.
• You’re uninvolved in the YOU revolution. The cool thing about a DIY cleanse is that you learn along the way. Experimenting with unfamiliar foods and learning which ones make your body scream ‘gimme more!’ is pretty awesome and cost-effective in the long-term.

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Allie LeFevere | Founder of Obedient